Showing Your Spouse You Love Him When You Work Opposite Shifts


Recently our house has gone through some changes. We became a dual-parent working household. I won't lie, the adjustment has been big. I hadn't officially worked outside the home in almost a decade. My younger two children don't even remember mommy dropping them off at daycare and heading off to a full-time job. To say that they were surprised would be an understatement, but sometimes these things are just necessary. My husband and I knew what we wanted before I found a job. We wanted to make sure that no matter what they would be home with at least one parent so he took the day shift and I took the evening shift. Since we're a homeschooling … [Read more...]

Yes, Your Teen Can Change the World: Simple Ways to Nurture a Servant’s Heart

change the world post

I think it's a huge misconception. Many teens today are being written off as "lazy", "self-centered", "only care about themselves", "would never want to help anyone". As someone with teens, who happen to have teen friends, who know a lot of other friends... I can tell you this is one big, fat lie. In fact, I have often heard just the opposite from them. Teens are acutely aware that there are those less fortunate, those who could use just one extra smile, those who are hurting. In fact, I would venture to say that their passion on the topic often weighs heavier than most adults I know. Remember what it was like to be young and full of … [Read more...]

Fall Family Camping: Great Ideas & Tips


I must say – I LOVE FALL!  There is not a single thing I don’t like about fall. I have already expressed my love for fall and pumpkins but now let’s talk camping. Our family has always talked about going camping in the fall but never really accomplish that.  Now that we are a homeschooling family we feel we have the freedom to vacation when others don’t.  We are embarking on a 6 day/5 night camping trip to Kentucky.  I know glamorous, right?  We are headed to Big Bone Lick Historic State Park. Preparations have begun with the stocking of the camper.  I have cleaned the inside from top to bottom and now am putting in all the goodies we … [Read more...]

Sane Simple Celebrations


October 21st has always been a special day in my family. Growing up, it was my younger brother’s birthday. Now, it is not only his birthday but also my second-born child’s birthday. This year, we get to celebrate a 44th birthday and a 14th birthday. With this date upon us, I thought I’d share some of the things that our family does to celebrate birthdays while keeping them simple and focused on the event, the person, and the purpose of a birthday. Personalized Cakes When I was growing up, my mom did her best to make birthdays special. One of my favorite memories is of her making a special cake for us on our birthdays. She spent a lot of … [Read more...]

Are You “Being Real” or Just “Being Rude”?


The other day I happened upon a forum that boasted itself as a Christian support group online. I browsed through the conversations and came upon a plea from a woman who was looking for prayers for a family member who was having a bit of spiritual trouble. The woman was desperate and in great need of prayer and support. I saw that there had been over 100 responses to her post and decided to browse through and see what kind of wisdom was given to her, what kind of prayers were lifted up, what words of encouragement were lovingly placed to ease her troubled mind. My heart grew heavier and heavier as I read through the comments that … [Read more...]

When Your Child Grows Up


I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that we have an adult child. When did this happen? Wasn’t it just yesterday he was learning to tie his shoes, ride a bike, relieving himself in the parking lot of a car dealership because he’d just spent a week with his grandparents in the country and “they said it was ok”? (Oh, the stories we have.) Yet, here I am. I look across the dinner table at this tall man with a full beard. I listen to his stories, his point of view, his crazy ideas on music and fashion and I think, wow. I was never one to try and be friends with my children.  From day one I wanted them to see their dad and I as … [Read more...]

Measuring Up: The “Perfect Mom” Does Not Exist


Some days I stink as a mom and a wife. I am impatient with my kids, disrespectful to my husband and more often than not my house is a bit of a mess. But guess what? I bet you feel that way sometimes, too. And sometimes I compare myself to other moms, those women who seem to have it all together. Their homes are organized, their schedules adhered to, their clothes wrinkle free and not plucked from the bottom of a week-old pile of unfolded laundry. I once met a mom who, no joke, told me she ironed her kids’ jeans. Say what? My iron weeps with joy when it is called up for service. I mean seriously, that’s what the steam-cycle on my … [Read more...]