Fall Family Baking: Apple Ring Cake Recipe


When the temperatures start dropping my desire to warm up the house with tasty smells and treats increases.  I love cooking for my family it gives me great pleasure when they start pouring into the kitchen to sneak a bite. My oldest son is 13 and I realize that if I don’t start teaching him how to cook the things he loves he will be either eating at home all the time or living off frozen pizza.  I also enjoy teaching him how to make recipes and see him succeed by putting a meal on the table. Getting my children into the kitchen has always been a goal of mine.  We make cookies, cheese, sausage and full meals together.  Sometimes it is … [Read more...]

Christian Book Recommendations for the Holiday Season


November is one of my favorite months. I love autumn. I love sweaters and slippers and cozy nights by the fireplace reading a good book and sipping tea. Although I have been working hard to finish Book #3 in the Out from Egypt Series, I have snuck in a few good books lately and am anticipating a few more that have recently released. I am not a big Christmas-themed book person, so you won’t find any of those here, but here are ten books, in a variety of genres, to add to your by-the-fireside reading list for the holiday season. Valley of Decision by Lynne Gentry is the third in the Carthage Chronicles. This series is a time-travel adventure … [Read more...]

Staying in the Thanksgiving Spirit


Happy Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time of year and it is my absolute favorite. I live in Hawaii so I do not get to experience the seasons like most of you do.  I am totally fine with that because I am a born and raised southerner, so any seasons that may include cold weather is no friend of mine. I’ll take the tropics any day. I just love a season of Thanksgiving, though and this has nothing to do with weather. I often wonder why we are not thankful more often. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a thankful heart in the spring or summer. But for some reason we I all too often lose sight of that. Dictionary.com list one … [Read more...]

8 Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Decorations


1. Thanksgiving Luminary Vase from Crafts by Amanda 2. Thanksgiving Chalk Tray by Weekend Craft 3. Give Thanks Frame by HP Create 4. Give Photo Frames by HP Create 5. Thanksgiving Napkin Rings by Uncommon Designs 6. Framed Burlap Sign by Uncommon Designs 7. Thanksgiving Mason Jar by The  Country Chic Cottage 8. Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner by April Golightly … [Read more...]

A Time for Renewal: Dairy Free Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe


  People often associate the spring as a time for renewal.  Me? I think of autumn. Because I live in Nebraska, autumn brings cooler weather, freezing rain, snow, early dark evenings, and a blustery chilly wind.  All of this weather makes me want to stay inside my toasty cozy home and not emerge until spring. And that, slows me down. Suddenly, I have time to curl up with the book (books!) I kept meaning to read; Phone friends and family I had very good intentions of chatting with, Deep clean the house from its non-stop summer craziness, Play with the recipes that I’ve created in my head, but never actually … [Read more...]

Do Women Need Theology?


Does theology matter for women? I have been reading two books lately that are asking this question. I was down right surprised when I started reading the first book. My small group leader had chosen a book for us to read. I was really surprised by the content of the first chapter. I never would have thought to ask this question until I started reading the book When Life and Beliefs Collide: How Knowing God Makes a Difference by Carolyn Custis James. I never would have asked whether theology mattered for women because I grew up always being taught that the study of God was for everyone. My father has always been a student, a student in … [Read more...]

To Embrace Me is to Embrace Him


We live in an age where everyone is consumed with a natural lifestyle.   From our clothing to our food, and even the way we maintain our bodies through healing and exercise, our society has become almost obsessed with how to return to nature and the simplicity of natural things. Within the African-American community, there is currently another natural obsession; some even refer to it as a “movement.”    Many of us are turning our backs on the process of chemically straightening our hair and returning to the kinky, coily, curls with which we were born. This trend would seem trivial to those outside of our community, but anyone who has … [Read more...]