My Son Has a Girl Friend, She is My Sister


My son has a girl friend, she is my sister. Yes, yes I know that sounds like we must be from some sort of southern region in which inevitably you are also your own grandfather. Not quite, but I bet it got your attention! Often, I hear people talking and trying to do their best to guide their daughters into dating and marrying good Christian men. We have a tight leash on our precious girls. What is expected is clearly outlined and the do’s and don’ts engrained in their brains of what is acceptable. We hold them to incredibly high standards as to what their role encompasses and are quick to point out when they fall short. One of the … [Read more...]

Mom’s Night Out: A Review


Ever feel like you need a break?  A time that if you don’t get out of your house and away from your life you are simply going to blow a gasket! Every mom needs a break.  No matter if you stay at home mom or you’re a working mom.  Your entire day is taken up with something. I have been both of these types of moms.  If you stay at home like I do now your day can consist of cleaning all day long only to find your new clean room covered in dirt, or with sand, or with toys in the matter of minutes of it being done.  If you’re a working mom you are gone all day only to come home to catch up on cleaning and cooking with very little time left before … [Read more...]

The Danger of Doubt


Not too long ago, I was blessed to spend an evening with a couple of old co-workers.   When I say “old,” I mean that these are people I have known and loved for 20+ years.   I have learned over the years that being in a work environment where you meet and keep actual friends is a luxury, and I do not take those relationships lightly. We had a blast over good conversation and great food.   As we began to catch one another up regarding the last 10 years or more, inevitably the question came up, “So, what are you doing now?” For the other ladies, who remained in the corporate arena all these years, their lives followed a traditional path—a … [Read more...]

Leaving a Legacy


To the lady belittling her husband in the center isle of the supermarket: STOP. To the mom screaming at her two year old in the restaurant to “shut up and eat”: STOP. To the person in my rear view mirror that is apparently yelling and raises her hand in a threat to smack her teenager across the face: STOP! I’ve seen all of these things in recent weeks and it just breaks my heart in two. Times are tough and life is hard. I get that. Personalities clash and parent/child/spouse relationships are tested to the breaking point more often than not. I get that.  Some days you just don’t feel like you can keep going and unfortunately the … [Read more...]

Get Cookin’ with Free Kindle Cookbooks


 All Kindle deals are good for April 8, 2014. Possibly longer--- keep checking! The Egg and I: How to Make Incredible Omelets and Frittatas by Dennis Weaver This is not your ordinary e-book! It has recipe ideas for 31 different scrumptious omelets, omelets you won’t find anywhere else and more than in $30 recipe books. Plus it tells you how to make them and gives video instruction. So start making omelets like a pro. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can even make a party out of omelets or host the next family gathering with an omelet bar. You’ll learn how here. Freezer Dinner Recipes: The Beginner's Guide to … [Read more...]


chalkboard jubilee

It was the last day of 6th grade.  That means summer break and then transitioning into Junior High.  I was nervous.  Having only moved to the district two years before I was still trying to find my clique; oh, I know we shouldn’t want to stick with just one group, but think back to that time in your life… if you didn’t find a group, you were the lone sheep sitting in an open field, a target for the meanest predator.  Good or bad, I just wanted to fit in. So on the last day, with my t-shirt in hand, I changed from the cute outfit my mom approved and donned the shirt for all to sign.  Most of it was your typical yearbook nonsense; stay … [Read more...]

Let the Sunshine In!


Spring has finally come (hopefully to stay!) here in Texas. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. The birds were out making new friends, twittering and jabbering, singing praises to the Creator—the one who imagined Spring in the first place. Since it was such a beautiful day the kids and I spent the afternoon cleaning the house. We opened up all the blinds and my little seven year old helper washed the insides of the windows. Our kitchen takes the brunt of the homeschooling mess, it’s a happy mess, but still, clutter makes me nutty. So, after a few hours of scrubbing and sweeping and mopping and organizing, the kitchen was finally looking spic and … [Read more...]