Are you a Mess? Or a Masterpiece?


I’ve got to be honest, I had a rough day today. It was one of those days when I got squeezed and what came out was not roses and sunshine. Not even close. It was ugly, and it was messy. It was one of those days when I was reminded that I am achingly human, still in the process of being made new, and still struggling against my flesh. It was one of those days where I long for God’s Kingdom, and wonder how can God ever use a screwed up mess like me. But, like I keep reminding my kids, there is only one perfect person and his name is Jesus. Every other person used by God was/is a screwed up mess. Even after Noah faithfully built … [Read more...]

Trusting in His Plan + Worry-Free Easy Orange Chicken Recipe


Though I come from a long line of worriers, I never used to hold that title. It seems that it’s only in recent years that I would classify myself as one; and I’m not happy about that fact. I used to playfully enjoy my days living life to the fullest with nary a care. I’m not sure if buying a house (we’d always lived in military housing), my husband retiring from the USAF, my diagnosis with RA, or my eldest daughter’s diagnosis of Crohn’s made me a worrier. But somewhere along the transitions, a worrier I became. I’m so disturbed about this new title of mine that this is the first time I’ve admitted it. I’m working hard at overcoming … [Read more...]

He’s Also in the Sunshine


There is a storm brewing within my soul currently. I feel little attacks coming from all sides and I know that something big is on the horizon. I know within the deep parts of me that I need to get ready for battle. I need to prepare myself. I have a hard time with discernment. Either God is getting ready to push me out of my cozy comfort zone, or I’ve got myself into a situation that I am ill-equipped for and I’m dealing with the consequences.  I really don’t know which it is. I’ve spent more time this week digging deep down into my Bible Study than I probably have any given week in my entire life. Bibles, prayer journals, devotionals, … [Read more...]

The Cost of Following


I really like being comfortable. I like the temperature to be just right, not too hot or too cold. I like my life to be comfortable. The past few days I have not been very comfortable. We have had a stomach bug hit our house, and I have had to get up at night to tend to a pitiful child who is throwing up. I would much rather be in my cozy bed between the soft sheets, sleeping soundly. In Matthew we are reminded that Jesus doesn't call us to be comfortable. “Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but … [Read more...]

Finish What You Started


I have a question: for those of you who believe in such, how are your New Years’ resolutions coming?   I imagine that there are some if you who are well on track with what you began in January, and I celebrate with you.   I also suspect that there is a larger population of readers who abandoned their resolutions within weeks of writing them down.   Indeed, some of us might have forgotten our resolutions altogether. ‘Making’ New Years’ resolutions gives us a sense of direction and accomplishment.   Those new tasks give us hope.   But Christ also came to give us hope, and his wisdom seems almost contradictory to the idea of ‘making,’ i.e., … [Read more...]

Praying to Never Miss Opportunities to Serve


Last night, I went to our local commissary for my weekly grocery shopping. It was not my normal day nor time. I’ve been so scatter brained busy lately, that I can’t seem to keep up with the day or the week. While shopping, I noticed a young lady. She was every bit of nine months pregnant and she was tired. You could read her face like an open book. She had two littles with her. They appeared to be around two and four years old. The four year old was giving her a difficult time.  The lady just looked at her daughter almost emotionless. She didn’t discipline her, but I didn’t feel it was from a lack of discipline in the home. I felt like … [Read more...]

Teaching Children To Follow God’s Will


“When you wish upon a star…” “Dreams really do come true…” “Follow your dreams…” “If you dream it, you can do it…” We all know these quotes. We’ve seen the Disney movies and sung the songs. We live in a “Disney-fied” culture where children are told to strive for their dreams, to reach for the stars so they can be anything they want to be. But is that truth? Will they grow up to be princesses, or football players, or the President of the United States if they just wish hard enough, work hard enough? Or have these notions set up our daughters and sons up for a life of fruitless striving towards their own personal desires, … [Read more...]