Pride and Entitlement


I have mentioned this before, but I don't do well with difficulties. I like my life to be comfortable and cozy. I know that God has told me and all of us that as Christians we can't expect our lives to be easy, nor comfortable. Even still when I hit a bump in the road I tend to lose perspective on life in general and fall apart. It doesn't even have to be a big bump, it can be a small one and I will still find myself moaning and groaning about how hard life is and why me........ Then I turn on the news and I see men in orange jump suites on their knees on a beach. I see pictures of women who are being sold as “wives” for men who treat them … [Read more...]

Make My Day: Dairy-Free Salisbury Steak Recipe

salisbury Steak pic

My babies are no longer babies; they are teen girls.  Most days, they are quite agreeable and the household runs smoothly.  But, every now and then…sigh… We have drama.  If you have tween / teen girls, you know what I mean.  The “I have nothing to wear” blues, the “there’s no food in the house” lament, the “My friends don’t have ___ ” ballad, and the list goes on.  Days like this make me want to flee the house, find the nearest coffee shop, and sit down with a latte and a good book. However, experience with such dramatic outbursts has taught me that fleeing is not the best tactic; the drama simply awaits my return.  I’m much better off … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Godly Harvest


Too many times in our lives we say “I am done!  Maybe next week, month, or even year I will try again.” It is hard to stay committed to something and not have life interfere.  We can start off with the best of intentions and give it the “old college” try but we can’t foresee the future.  We cannot detect the small ways Satan is trying to lure us away from what we want to do that is glorifying God. This year I put my garden on hold to go on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and back.  Almost 4,000 miles during prime planting season here in central Illinois.  I put my family first.  Our trip was a good one for our family but it was … [Read more...]

The Freedom to Be Me


Some girlfriends and I have been discussing lately how aging can really be a wonderful thing. I know I’ve said more than once recently, “If I’d only known in my twenties what I know now…. “. It’s true. With age comes wisdom and while I yet to even pretend to know it all, I know a whole lot more than I once did. Thank You, Jesus! The first fun part of growing older wiser is that you just don’t sweat the small stuff anymore and you certainly don’t care what others think (within reason, of course). I once read a Facebook meme that said, “Stop judging people by their social media. We all hurt. We all cry. We all use filters.” Isn’t that … [Read more...]

The Secret to Enjoying Each Season


Like most introverts, I have few people that I genuinely consider friends, but those with whom I connect in that way are as close to me as family. I have a few friends who travel overseas on a whim, or indulge in month-long birthday celebrations.  I have occasional self-indulgences, too (read all day at-home hair and skin day), but most often, alone time to focus solely on me is not my season. I have other friends and family members with small babies who need tons of care and snuggling as they become increasingly self-aware and totally oblivious to the world around them.   Minus the snuggle factor, I am generally thankful that that … [Read more...]



For almost seven and a half years, I served as an army wife. My husband’s job took us to Colorado and then Germany. He fulfilled his contract and separated from the military in November 2014. We thought finding employment as a veteran would take one or two months at the most. In April, my husband finally heard the words, “You’re hired!” after more than a few rejections and several months of unemployment benefits. We then had to wait an additional month to move because of the availability of rental housing. We are blessed with a supportive and generous family, but seven months is a long time to live in transition. Though we trusted in God's … [Read more...]

10 Recommendations for Your Summer Reading List


My husband is graduating from college in a few weeks. And not to brag, (ok…I gotta brag a little on my man) but he has worked his tail off for the past seven years getting his Bachelor’s degree while supporting our family working 60-70 hours a week. The poor guy is exhausted. Pretty much any television show we watch is accompanied by snoring because he cannot sit in a chair without passing out. So, as a reward for all his hard work and to celebrate his graduation (summa cum laude, no less!), we are taking a cruise. I am looking forward to nine days floating around in the Caribbean doing absolutely nothing. No dishes. No laundry. No nothing. … [Read more...]