The Groundhog Days


I’ve just experienced a whole slew of groundhog days. You know the ones where you feel like you’re in a deep dark hole like that little furry groundhog, only you don’t come out to check for the sun. You’re just curled up in there, in the dark, trying to stay warm and cozy and safe and just survive. For many of us, these groundhog days come along about every January and February. According to psychologists this could be due to the let down after the host of holidays and giving of gifts and being with family. Once we go back to life as usual, we can easily get depressed at the void of activity post-holiday and also with the guilt perhaps of … [Read more...]

Do You Need Validation?


When you were a little girl, did you ever hear the saying, “I know I’m something ‘cause God don’t make no junk!”?  (Grammar police: halt. That’s just the way it went.) I remember a period when I was in around the third and forth grades that we said it all the time.  I had completely forgotten about that until recently. A few weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by going on a little weekend get-away.  We spent two nights in a large, congested town where parking is scarce and extremely difficult to find. Once you find it, you have to pay good money for it. This was to be expected, but for some reason during this … [Read more...]

Fighting Pride


“If thou shouldest see another openly sin, or commit some heinous offence, yet oughtest thou not to think the better of thyself; for thou knowest not how long thou shalt be able to stand.” ~~Thomas A Kempis Of the Imitation of Christ Those words are written in such an archaic way of speaking that we can be at risk for not grasping the entire meaning of what is being said. Yet the truth of it still is relevant today. How many times have you been at the grocery store and seen someone do something that you find to be wrong, sinful, illegal, or just bad? When you witness this offense, whatever it may be do you not find your heart feeling a bit … [Read more...]

Understanding Our True Power as Women


My daughter and I are currently reading Shannon Ethridge’s Every Young Woman’s Battle together.   The book is subtitled Guarding your Mind, Heart, and Body in a Sex-Saturated World.   There are many thought-provoking messages throughout this book, but one of our more recent talks was about power.   More specifically, we talked about girl power, such as it is called these days—how girls use power (over boys, in this case), how girls misuse power, and how a lack of understanding keeps girls from understanding their true power. “Girl power” had a completely different connotation when I was a teenager.   I grew up in a family structure where … [Read more...]

16 Great Recipes for a Sweet Valentine’s Day


 Valentine Candy Cane Lollipop and Printable Tag by The Suburban Mom  Cherry Vanilla Chip Parfait by Frugal Mom Eh!  Frozen Yogurt Hearts with Granola by Oh My ! Creative  Homemade Valentine Gumdrops by Thrifty Jinxy  Frosted Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes by Alida's Kitchen  Mini Strawberry Pies by Naptime Warrior  Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting by The Suburban Mom Valentine's Day Chocolate Pretzel Bites by Gator Mommy Reviews!  Raspberry Buttercream Filled Cupcakes by Thrifty Jinxy  Red Hot Cupcakes by Simplee Thrifty  Shot Through the Heart Cake Pops by Hello … [Read more...]

Dairy Free Monkey Bread

monkey bread post

As squeals of delight from giggling teen girls carried up the stairs from the basement of my house to my ears in the living room, I realized that this sleepover would need a tasty breakfast to awaken to.  What to make?  These teens had a movie marathon planned which would probably mean that they wouldn't drift off to sleep till 4 AM.  I doubted they wanted pancakes at 8 AM like they used to when they were tweens.  I sat, racking my brain, trying to think of what my Mom used to make, what my friends currently made, and the dish I kept coming back to was Monkey Bread.  As expected though, the only recipes I could find used either pre made dough … [Read more...]

Top Ten Clean Romances for the Month of Love


As a writer, one of my jobs is to read. I know—rough, huh? In order to be a good writer I must read in my genre, and outside my genre, on a regular basis. And since I am a voracious reader it’s one of my favorite parts of my job. Since were are in February, the month of love and chocolate and kisses and all things romantic, I thought I would share ten love stories that I have read over the past year that I would highly recommend to you. Although these books are from a variety of genres, they all have a beautiful love story at the center and look at the world, and love, through a Christian worldview. So pull up a comfy chair, a hot cup … [Read more...]